Our Values

It's the Relationships,
not just transactions

we care for

Our Launch

Our journey started in 2010 with a small Partnership firm. Now Ridhi is a professionally managed company with core expertise in providing accounting, taxation,financial and management consulting services.

We are entrepreneurs with high level of focus, energy and drive to help our clients build and grow their business. The firm is led by young and dynamic professionals whose vision and passion is complemented by a team of well qualified, experienced and dedicated professionals.

We value relationships with our people, clients and communities. Based in India, the firm excels in offering accounting, Business growth and audit services including internal and Management audit, taxation and various Management consultancy services. It offers professional guidance to set up businesses in the industrial, Trade or services sector. We believe that delivering exceptional client service is the foundation of our being a trusted advisor.

We focus on building and maintaining relationships but not mere business. We are happy to provide services to our clients at a level much more than they expect whereby we can win “loyal customers” rather than just “satisfied customer”. With a group of experts we provide you with the best service you can ever get!

Our Mission

Big or small, we serve all

We are committed to provide the best level of service at a cost effective price. We offer various financial and business solutions to variety of large, medium and small size businesses. We offer our expertise services to start-up companies helping them to get started and to survive at times when they are most exposed business risks. Business solutions for startups are different from those required for established businesses. We help our clients to focus on their Core Business by providing with comprehensive services and solutions in bookkeeping and accounting, including insightful advices on strategies to grow their business.

Team Ridhi

Vineeth Namberi Meethal

Director - Business Development

Akhil Babu

Director- Operations (COO)

Nitin Kampurath

Director- Operations

Key Advisors and Investors
Prathap G Director, Sankya Financial Consultants Pvt Ltd
Jishad Consultant-Sales Tax
Nikhil Raj Consultant
Rajesh FCA Consultant
Sooraj IK Managing Partner